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Financial institutions are constantly developing new security features for eftpos transactions, including the replacement of magnetic strips by chips on new eftpos cards. Some eftpos card issuers are also experimenting with laser-etching signatures and photographs on eftpos cards.

Customers should also make their eftpos transactions secure by taking the following security steps.

  • Never tell anyone, not even your bank, what you eftpos security PIN number is.
  • Choose an eftpos security PIN that is difficult to guess (NOT your birthday or the same number as other cards).
  • Do not write down your eftpos security PIN but memorise it.
  • Call your bank immediately if you lose your eftpos card.
  • Be aware when using your eftpos security PIN of anyone nearby. Cover the eftpos keypad with your hand if you think they may see your eftpos PIN.
  • Do not leave your eftpos card in your car.
  • Never give your eftpos card to anyone else.
  • Carry handbags strapped around your body with openings towards you.
  • Sign your new eftpos card as soon as it arrives and cut the old eftpos card in half.
  • If you must write any security PIN number down, keep the record separate from your eftpos card and code it securely (for example, write what looks like a phone number in your address book, but has a PIN written backwards as the last 4 digits).
  • Be sure that you know where your eftpos card is at all times. Develop a routine when you change clothes.
  • When using a cash machine, do not leave your card in the machine while you talk to a stranger.
  • Always be security conscious. - meaning - security - contact